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Have you ever wondered why God came down heavily upon those who complained in the wilderness after they came back from their voyage of the Promised Land? Sometimes, it seems reasonable to complain or murmur and many times God forgives such and at times He did punish those who complained. Low level Christians murmur and complain when things are not right, middle level Christians stay silent, they recognize God’s sovereignty over the affairs of men and will submit to fate not faith. It takes a matured Christian not to complain, not to resign to fate but to respond to situation and circumstances through intercession.

Who is an Intercessor?
Intercessors are not primarily those who are preoccupied with their own personal lives. They are neither depressed nor anxious about their own lives as much as they desire the will of God done. Intercessors cherish the privilege of standing before God as the utmost in their lives. Such a privilege they will never surrender to anything else no matter how threatening even their lives could be. Our Lord Jesus Christ has shown intercessor in John 17 as He himself faced impending death; He decided to intercede for His disciples. There are times for personal prayers but much more there are times for intercessory prayers.
Intercessors are not only praying for few minutes and cast their mind off, no, as they attend to their daily assignments, their hearts are connected to God for petition to remind God of His word, His mercy, His power, His love etc. Nothing delights the heart of an intercessor as much as the dealings of God upon him/her. He sees God honouring him with answered prayers, divine delights and unique revelations. Intercessors are those who stand in the gap for others.

Benefits of Intercession
One of the profound advantages of being an intercessor is God’s mark on one.
Ezek 9:4-6 “ and the Lord said to him, "Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it." 5 To the others He said in my hearing, "Go after him through the city and kill; do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity. 6 Utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little children and women; but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary." So they began with the elders who were before the temple.”  I have come to know this through a practical life experience. Intercessors are dear to the heart of God.

Intercession shows our obedience to God  
(1 Tim 2:1,3)Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. Intercession therefore fulfills the biblical mandate God has given us.

Intercessory prayers lead to revelation
As we found out with the Abraham, God knew Abraham to be an intercessor and God had to reveal to him what He was about to do. Abraham did not disappoint God, he pleaded with God concerning the righteous people in Sodom and God replied every request he made. Gen. 18: 16-33

Each of us must remember James 5:16 Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. It is the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man that avails much. Intercessor must maintain, the righteousness God gave them through Jesus and must be quick to confess their sins if they sin.  
According to William Martin, 1878, In the warfare that is raging. …God needs people brave and true: May He then depend on you?  May the Lord depend on you? Loyalty is but His due; Say, O spirit, brave and true, That He may depend on you.

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1 Peter 5 : 5-7

A king in the Old Testament was considered to have done evil more than any other kings before him in Israel so God sent His prophet to tell him the punishment for his evils just as the prophet was about to leave, the king humbled himself and God called the attention of the prophet to the way the king humbled himself and the judgments were postponed to the time of his children  1 Kings 16:33 cf 1 Kings 21: 21-27. God is always interested in a humble and a contrite heart.

The Epistle of Peter is one of the general epistles. General because it was addressed to Christians generally. Specifically, it was addressed to Christians who were facing persecution and sufferings as at that time. 1 Peter 1: 6,7. If you agree with me, Christians are facing hard times. I went to an institution last week and the Christian woman was denied been the librarian position simply because she was Christian. Just this week a young lady applied for a job and the prospective employer asked her to be his girl friend, she turned down the offer. Some had been made to resign because they refused to compromised their faith, it was to this audience that God to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, take note, not just under the hand of God but under the mighty hand of God, there may be a possibility that when one is going through life's issues one may forget that the hand of God is still mighty. Never forget that the hand of the Lord is mighty and HE will manifest for you in Jesus name.
Under the mighty hand of God
1. Humble yourself v6 - It is better to humble oneself than to be humiliated but I tell you pride goes before a fall only those who humble themselves will not be humiliated. Christian humility consists of a due sense of our dependence on God,  God we are as nothing before Him; He is the high and lofty One who inhabiteth eternity; from everlasting to everlasting He is God; boundless in might, infinite in all His perfections.
Humility will also consist in a low estimate of our knowledge. "Be not wise," says the apostle, "in your own conceit." Christian humility also consist in the fact that we derive everything from God. The Word of God which saves our soul must be received with meekness James 1: 21
 Hear a story of Mueller
At sixty years of age Dr. A. T. Pierson was not too old to learn, and, with humility and an eager thirst after knowledge, he listened as George Müller of Bristol gave detailed testimony to show God as a hearer and answerer of prayer. In one of these interviews he asked Mr. Müller if he had ever petitioned God for anything that had not been granted.

"Sixty-two years, three months, five days and two hours have passed," replied Mr. Müller with his characteristic exactness, "since I began to pray that two men might be converted. I have prayed daily for them ever since and as yet neither of them shows any signs of turning to God."
"Do you expect God to convert them?"
"Certainly," was the confident reply. "Do you think God would lay on His child such a burden for sixty years if He had no purpose for their conversion?"
Not long after Mr. Müller's death, Dr. Pierson was again in Bristol, preaching in Bethesda Chapel. In the course of his sermon, he told of this conversation, and as he was going out at the close of the service a lady stopped him and said: "One of those two men, to whom Mr. Müller referred, was my uncle. He was converted and died a few weeks ago. The other man was brought to Christ in Dublin."

2. Under The mighty hand of God there is exaltation v6 - Exaltation comes in different forms; for singles, marriage could be exaltation, for applicants; gainful employment is an exaltation, all that made you shout or sing in exultation is exaltation. Psalm 75: 6. The Lord of Host will effect your promotion in Jesus name.
3. Under the mighty hand of God there is sufficient care for your burden. - Burden is that major concern of your heart and many times you prayer is directed at that burden most of the time.

God's care 1. Cordial and tender.2. Active and efficacious. 3. Patient and unwearied. 4. Permanent and lasting.

Friday, 26 August 2016

William McDowel's You are God alone

William McDowel's You are God alone is my song for the moment. He alone is God and He is God alone.